Thursday, February 14, 2013

Street 51 Girl Phnom Penh

Street 51 Girl Phnom Penh - Chris Coles
In the hot Phnom Penh night, Street 51 is busy until 4 or 5am, hundreds of Expats, male and female, old and young, decrepit and healthy, from NGO types to hardened Sexpats, hundreds of Khmer girls, mostly freelancers, lots of food stalls, a beer garden, hostess bars, a couple of discos, Pontoon and Heart....tuk tuk and motorcycle taxi guys in abundance, selling rides, girls, boys and hashish, some African guys selling the more serious stuff...litter and garbage in every direction.....

(my Night Vision show opens at Meta House in Phnom Penh 6PM Friday, February 22nd....the Phnom Penh music group KROM performs at 7PM, my talk on German Expressionism and the Noir Vision in SE Asia starts at for details: )

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