Sunday, January 15, 2012

Isan Girl Being Consumed by the Bangkok Night

Isan Girl Being Consumed by the Bangkok Night
When she first arrived in Bangkok from her farming village in Isan, she was full of hopes and make money for her 2 young children, her mother and father, help her brother buy a PU truck, to learn the ways of the Big City and the World, despite her 8th grade education.......her smile was magical, she was an astonishingly beautiful female, engaging, sexy, magnetic, no matter what she wore or didn't wear....over time the Bangkok Night gradually ground her down....and down and down....too many men, too many ladydrinks, too many hotel rooms, promises, broken hearts, human misery and desire on full display night after night after night...after almost 6 years working, she was finally consumed by the fire and heat until one day she was gone.....

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