Thursday, December 17, 2015

Flowers, One Butterfly and the Bangkok Night Show Opening in Bangkok 7PM Thursday January 14th........

"Blue Butterfly in the Bangkok Night" - Chris Coles

"Flowers, One Butterfly and the Bangkok Night" - Chris Coles
Many of my Expressionist-style noir paintings are drawn from the context of the Bangkok Night, a vast, multi-layered entertainment spectacle which involves all manner of people from SE Asia, Asia and the entire world and which takes place each and every night across the many layers and districts of the modern megapolis known as Bangkok.  
In this show, "Flowers, One Butterfly and the Bangkok Night", I am presenting some of my flower paintings, one painting of a Butterfly and a selection of paintings of people and places from the Bangkok Night. Which at first might seem a little odd but actually there is a certain idea behind it.
In all of my paintings, I try to convey a sense and feeling of the situation, person and/or visual object itself as well as a more generalized metaphorical vision. 
While my Bangkok Night paintings are drawn from and inspired by the people, visuals and ambiance of the actual Bangkok Night, they also present a metaphorical vision of a noir globalized modern world where people of every background and status mix and mingle in all sorts of ways, alienated, predatory and calculating, clinging to good intentions as well as bad,  with intimacy and feelings both real and imagined. With all sorts of consequences abd outcomes both intended and unintended.
But in the metaphorical more generalized sense, Bangkok's many thousands of Night Workers can also be seen as colorful, sometimes beautiful, often sweetly fragrant flowers which beckon to the many colorful butterflies and hungry bees floating by to pause, say hello and visit.
Tragically, the lifespan of these thousands of flowers is often very short, an all too rapid but inevitable transition between birth, blooming, replication, decay and death.
Similar to the butterflies and bees who are attracted by the flowers' colors, patterns and scent, who are hungry for the flowers' pollen, who are in a rush themselves to mate and replicate before their own brief moment of life in this world comes to an end.
And similar to the Bangkok Night's tens of thousands of sex workers and their hundreds of thousands of customers.
Opening: 7PM, Thursday, January 14th
Brainwake Cafe & Gallery
27/1 Sukhumvit Soi 33
(left at bottom of Sukhumvit Soi 33 near Peppina's)
Tel: 02-005-0026
List of Paintings:
"Blue Butterfly in the Bangkok Night"
"Pink Purple Blue Flowers on Yellow"
"Four Purple Flowers"
"Field of Flowers"
"Five Flowers"
"Mountain Flowers"
"Orange Flower"
"Turquoise Ladyboy in the Bangkok Night"
"HiSo Thai Guy at Pegasus Club"
"Ladyboy at Levels Club Soi 11"
"Boys Town"
"Thaniya Plaza Neon"
"Hello Girls at The Iron Club"
"Renoir Club Soi 33"
"Emmanuelle Ratchada"
"Beer Bar Asoke"
"Hollywood Bar Nana"
"Party Time Voodoo Bar"
"Rainbow Two Bar"
"Closing Time Nana Plaza"
"Midnight Patpong"
"Expat Marriage"

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