Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Bangkok Heart of Noir" book now available........

"Bangkok, Heart of Noir"...poetry by John Gartland....paintings by Chris Coles....now available as Ebook/Kindle book....(Master of Noir 1).....
"This unique collaboration brings together two of the leading talents of the burgeoning Bangkok creative scene."
"English poet, John Gartland, has won an enthusiastic following among poetry fans and other Bangkok writers, with eloquent public readings of his poetry around the city in recent years."
"The paintings of American Expressionist painter, Chris Coles, grace the walls of some of the city's premier night spots, as well as those of private collecctors.  His brilliantly coloured works exhaustively explore the darker realities of the Bangkok Night."  
"The two artists forged a strong working relationship first of all through collaborations on "Poetry Universe", John Gartland's Facebook poetry page, and this current Masters of Noir collection, assembled by Lizardville Productions, is a vivd exploration, in their striking poetic and visual imagery, of Bangkok, the dark centre of Asian Noir."
"Bangkok, city of erotic glamour, a massive sex industry, and explosive political instability, is a seductive and dangerous mistress.  Its pleasures are addictive and its streets merciless.  Beggars and streetwalkers stalk a world of designer-label shopping malls cheek by jowl with vicious slums. 
"Criminal mafias and corrupt officials seem interchangable in a kingdom of glittering palaces, semi-feudal hierarchies and military coups.  Free speech is ruthlessly curtailed in a world where Buddhist monks become cynical multi-millionaires, and the drug trade reaches to every corner of this hot, dangerously hot, city."
"And everything, but everything, is for sale." 
"This is the sexy, scary, and irresistable, "Bangkok, Heart of Noir".

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