Thursday, May 16, 2013

Farang Backpacker Khao San Road

"Farang Backpacker Khao San Road" - Chris Coles
Living in a self-contained narcissistic world of recreational drugs, bucket cocktails spiked with DEET, low-cost Guest Houses, banana pancakes, non-directed idleness and organic sandals, the Khao San Road backpacker talks mainly to other farang backpackers, spends hours each day hunched over his iPAD or online at an internet cafe chatting with friends all over the world or planning his next destination.......he likes to call himself a traveller instead of a tourist or, god-forbid, and despite the fact that he has regular sex while a tourist, a Sexpat or Sex Tourist....he imagines he lives in a state of non-materiality but carries an ATM/Credit Card right next to his 1st World passport, visiting the nearest ATM machine to take out a hundred dollars, twice the average working Thai's weekly salary (for 6, 12 hour days), whenever the need arises.....the only Thais he talks to are Guest House staff, tuktuk/taxi guys or waiters in backpacker cafes........he could be anywhere, anyplace....India, Nepal, Goa, Bali, Sihanoukville, Ho Chi Minh, Luang Prabang....wherever the cost-of-living is low and the visas are easy.......

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