Sunday, March 17, 2013

Phnom Penh Noir - Freelancer Girl at Heart of Darkness Disco

"Freelancer Girl at Heart of Darkness Disco" - Chris Coles
Heart of Darkness Disco, Street 51 in the hot Phnom Penh night...male and female Western backpackers in their 20's, unwashed, unshaven and mostly stoned on cheap weed, dancing their hearts out, some NGO-types in Cambodia to "do good", a motley collection of lo-end Sexpats and Expats with jobs, from low-pay, low-status teaching English to managers for Western multi-nationals......outside the entrance door, tough Khmer security guys, off-duty police and army, patting everyone down for drugs, guns and knives.....inside Khmer Freelancer girls moving slowly through the crowd, looking for customers, like colorful fish hunting for food  around a coral reef.........

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