Friday, January 13, 2012

Portrait of Lek Nana

"Portrait of Lek Nana" - Chris Coles

A Muslim from India who started from scratch in Thailand, carefully saved his money, bought land and built buildings, collected rents and bought more land and more buildings, ended up being one of the original founders and financiers of the Thailand "Democrat" Party, donated prime land for the "Democrat" Party headquarters, became a "Democrat" Party cabinet minister, a Deputy Foreign Minister, the "Democrat" Party's Secretary-General and "Democrat" Party Senior Advisor for Life. 

When Lek Nana died, then Prime Minister Abhisit and many other Thailand "Democrat" Party luminaries attended his elaborate funeral to "pay respect".....he was buried with "Royal Dirt" and full honors........leaving behind to his heirs hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe even a few billion, no one knows for sure.

Without any trace or eulogy or word of gratitude to the hundreds of thousands of young females and thousands of ladyboys, mostly from Thailand's poor northeast and northern areas whose "service" contributed so much..............

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