Thursday, August 18, 2011

NAVIGATING THE BANGKOK NOIR now available worldwide

Here's the cover of the NAVIGATING THE BANGKOK NOIR book published by Marshall Cavendish Singapore (100 of my Bangkok paintings accompanied by text and an introduction by Bangkok Noir author Christopher G. Moore).

Links to internet bookstore sites which have NAVIGATING THE BANGKOK NOIR available for purchase at this time:

In Singapore and Asia at Noqstore:

In North America at Amazon:

In UK at Amazon:

In France at Amazon:

In Bangkok and Thailand at AsiaBooks:

In Tokyo and Japan at Amazon:

In Germany at Amazon:

About the Book:
Bangkok, also known as Krung Thep or the City of Angels, is an almost-perfect setting for noir fiction, films, music and paintings, and the artistic movement known as Bangkok Noir. Between the gangsters, the beautiful girls, the vibrant nightlife and the gigantic scale of the city itself, full of its diverse millions and their struggles, the lurid and colourful world of Bangkok's
notorious nightlife is brought to life in Chris Coles' series of Expressionist-style paintings. Broad, sweeping lines and strong, contrasting colours dominate in these artworks, portraying a chaotic, edgy world of colliding intention and misplaced desire -- lives out of balance, male-female compulsion, alienation and disassociation. At once beautiful and frightening, this collection of paintings is a vibrant celebration of psychedelic Bangkok and its many shades of noir.

About the author:
Chris Coles is an artist and filmmaker who divides his time between Bangkok and the coast of Maine. His Expressionist-style paintings are jagged emotional portraits that reveal a raw and primitive layer of the human experience. After graduating from Brown University, Chris received a Watson Fellowship to spend a year living in the Bajuni Islands off the coast of East Africa. He is also a graduate of the British National Film School and has taken art courses at the Otis School in Los Angeles. Films he has worked on include Chaplin, L.A. Story, Rainbow War, Sirens, Cutthroat Island and Superman.

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