Monday, May 09, 2011

Buddha Visiting Hat Yai in the Year 2554

Buddha Visiting Hat Yai in the Year 2554
In Year 2554, Buddha visits Thailand to see the result of his lifelong work, the cause & effect, the relation between good intention, mindfulness and result.

After several evenings in the Bangkok Night & then a weekend on Walking Street in Pattaya, Buddha's discouraged but not disheartened & he heads down to Hat Yai, in Thailand's Deep South near the border with Malaysia....a city of 150,000 Buddhists & Muslims with 40,000 hotel rooms, 10,000 bars, thousands of rentboys, 4 ladyboy revues & tens of thousands of young females from every district of Thailand dressed in very skimpy costumes.

From his room at the Pink Lady Hotel, he watches as tens of thousands of Malaysians arrive for a weekend of drinking & partying.......and, with a quiet sigh, accepts that his work in Thailand has only just begun.....

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