Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bangkok Noir - Wan Jai from Patpong

Wan Jai from Patpong - Chris Coles

She came to Bangkok from Buri Ram when she was eighteen, working in a Patpong Bar, going to school, sending money back home to Mom and Dad. Now twenty and going on fifty, she wonders where she will end up. Back in the house on stilts in Buri Ram, destroyed and dead in a Bangkok slum before she's thirty, or living in suburban Los Angeles and driving her kids around in a Mercedes.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christopher G. Moore book THE CORRUPTIONIST to feature Chris Coles painting on cover

The next book in Christopher G. Moore's wildly successful Calvino series, titled THE CORRUPTIONIST, scheduled to be published in December, will feature a painting from my Bangkok Noir series on the cover..............
From Heaven Lake Press:

Christopher G. Moore - THE CORRUPTIONIST - Eleventh in the Vincent Calvino P.I. Series

Set during the recent turbulent times in Thailand, the 11th novel in the Calvino series centers around the street demonstrations and occupation of Government House in Bangkok.

Hired by an American businessman, Calvino finds himself caught in the middle of a family conflict over a Chinese corporate takeover. This is no ordinary deal. Calvino and his client are up against powerful forces set to seize much more than a family business. As the bodies accumulate while he navigates Thailand’s business-political landmines, Calvino becomes increasingly entangled in a secret deal made by men who will stop at nothing—and no one—standing in their way. But Calvino refuses to step aside.

The Corruptionist captures with precision the undercurrents enveloping Bangkok, revealing multiple layers of betrayal and deception.

First Edition (2009) Paperback Heaven Lake Press, 490 pp.

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