Friday, July 13, 2007

Thailand Literature, Art & Culture Scene Links & Blogs

Bangkok Inside Out by Daniel Ziv and Guy Sharett from Equinox Publishing

(Bangkok Inside Out is a very perceptive and witty look at the trendy modern side of Bangkok in all its funky glory)
Christopher G. Moore Bangkok Fiction Website (THE RISK OF INFIDELITY INDEX, PATTAYA 24/7, MINOR WIFE, CUT OUT)
Vincent Calvino, Christopher Moore's Bangkok Expat Private Eye Website a lively satirical take on the Thai political and cultural scene - A lively upmarket guide to contemporary Bangkok and Thailand - (
Thai Blogs - A good starting point for overview on modern Bangkok's eclectic nature and links to other Thailand blogs
Asia Times Southeast Asia Section - Timely, up-to-date, insightful look at contemporary goings on in SE Asia
Asia Sentinel Thailand Section - Astute analysis of politics and cultural and power in modern Thailand
Wise Kwai's Thai Film Blog - A lively discussion of the latest Thai films - ( - Kevin Cumming's perceptive, witty, ironic, riffs on cultural miscomprehension in Bangkok Trendy Webzine Guide to Bangkok Art, Music, Culture Scene
www.ThaiPoppers.Com: Weekly Guide to Bangkok Pop Music Scene

James Eckhardt, Author of BANGKOK PEOPLE

Roger Beaumont, Author of humorous books about Thailand
Stephen Leather (author Bangkok Noir novels PRIVATE DANCER & COLD KILL) - (
Jake Needham (Bangkok Noir author - THE BIG MANGO, THE AMBASSADOR'S WIFE, KILLING PLATO) - (
John Burdett (Bangkok Noir author of BANGKOK 8, BANGKOK TATTOO, BANGKOK HAUNTS) - (
Carl Parkes FriskoDude Blog (lively take on modern times in Southeast Asia) - (
Kent Kruhoeffer Master List of Thailand & Southeast Asia Links - (
Thai Literature in Translation Website - (
Asia Books Online Bookstore for Thailand Related Books and Authors - (
DCO Thai Online Bookstore for Thailand Related Books and Authors - (
Bangkok Post, an entertaining English Language Newspaper in Bangkok - (
The Nation, the other entertaining English Language Newspaper in Bangkok - (
Siam Sentinel - Satirical and ironic riffs on what's new in Bangkok - (
Bangkok Pundit - Well-informed and nuanced take on contemporary Thailand - (
Marwaan Macan-Markar Inter Press Services Writings on Thailand and SE Asia - Insightful, penetrating, hard-hitting analysis on Modern Thailand
Thailand Jumped the Shark - Astute and very edgy analysis of the Thai scene - (
New Mandala - A little bit scholarly but very informed take on modern Thailand - (
AARA - (
Bangkok2's Blog - (
Bangkok Noir Blog - (
AboutTV Thai Art Channel - (
art4d Blog - (
diacritic Blog on Vietnam and Southeast Asia art scene - (
Beauty Suit Blog - ( & - Ironic and witty cultural collision take on contemporary Thailand and Asia
OnOpen - (
Speechless in Bangkok Blog - (
BKK to the Future Blog - (
The Bob Boonhod Blog - (
Platform BKK - (
Thailand Voice: The Best Blogs from Thailand - A site linkng to many blogs about Thailand - (
The Land News Blog - (
Som's Other World Blog - (
Angkrit's Blog - (
Pated Blog - (

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