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Expressionist Art and Artists Links

Expressionism Summary

Francis Bacon

Max Beckman

Hieronymus Bosch

Georges Braque

Paul Cezanne

Edgar Degas

Raoul Dufy

Otto Dix

James Ensor

Christ Entry into Brussels by James Ensor (or Sukhumvit & Soi Nana Midnight 2007)

Three Punters in Antwerp early 1900's by James Ensor (or late night Patpong 2006.......)

Lucien Freud

Paul Gauguin

Tahitian Girl circa 1900 by Paul Gauguin (or Isan girl at Mona Lisa Ratchada Bangkok 2006........)


Hot Lips by Gronk

(or Isan Girl Soi 33 Sukhumvit Bangkok 2007...)

George Grosz

Berlin Nightlife early 1900's by George Grosz (or Nana Plaza Bangkok 2006........)

Erich Heckel

Edward Hopper

Alexei Von Jawlensky

Wassily Kandinsky

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Berlin Prostitutes early 1900's by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (or Poseidon Club Bangkok 2006........)

Paul Klee

Gustav Klimt

Prostitute Vienna 1900 by Gustav Klimt (or Pegasus Club Bangkok 2006......)

Oskar Kokoschka

Punter in Vienna early 1900's by Oskar Kokoschka (or Bangkok Expat on the prowl 2006.............)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Moulin Rouge demimonde and punter Paris early 1900's by Toulouse-Lautrec (or Renoir Club Soi 33 Bangkok 2006........)

August Macke

Franz Marc

Henri Matisse

Edvard Munch

Gabriele Munter

Emil Nolde

Berlin Nightlife early 1900's by Emil Nolde (or Thigh Bar Patpong Bangkok 2006..........)

Max Pechstein

Pablo Picasso

Paris Nightlife early 1900's by Picasso (or CM2 Club Bangkok 2006.........)

Prostitute Paris early 1900's by Picasso (or Picasso Bar Bangkok 2006............)

Five Prostitutes from the brothel on Avignon Street in Barcelona frequented by Picasso (or Eden Club Bangkok 2006.............)

Diego Rivera

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Berlin Nightworkers early 1900's by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (or late night Sukhumvit Road Bangkok 2006.....)

Georges Rouault

Egon Schiele

Vienna Punter early 1900's by Egon Schiele (or Goya Bar Bangkok 2006.....)

Vincent Van Gogh

French Dance Hall 1900 by Vincent van Gogh (or Nana Disco Bangkok 2006.....)

Maurice de Vlaminck

Dancer at the Rat Mort nightclub Paris early 1900's by Maurice de Vlaminck (or Thermae Bangkok 2006....)

Fauvism Summary

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bangkok Thailand Art & Art Gallery Links

BangkokRecorder.Com: Webzine Guide to Bangkok Art, Music, Culture Scene - ( A trendy Bangkok gallery and website featuring emerging Thai artists - (

Hof Art: Bangkok's latest and most trendy new gallery on Ratchada Road - ( - A lively upmarket guide to contemporary Bangkok and Thailand - (

Dali House - An intrguing blog on modern Thai culture and art and other things by Paul Dorsey - (

Wise Kwai's Thai Film Blog - A lively discussion of the latest Thai films - (

Diacritic.Org: R.Streitmatter-Tran's lively blog on Southeast Asia Art Scenes - (

NaphoArt Gallery showing the work of interesting Thai Artist Nantana Phonak - (

Art Galleries in Bangkok, Thailand - (

National Museum Bangkok Thailand - ( - Links to All the Museums in Thailand - (

Thailand Art History Links by Christopher Witcombe - (

Art Galleries and Museums in Bangkok and Thailand from - (

Rama9Art.Org Bangkok Thailand Art Scene Info - (

Verver Gallery and Web Magazine Bangkok - (

100 Tonson Gallery - (

Teo + Namfah Gallery - (

Art Room Gallery - (

Project 304 - (

La Lanta Gallery - (

Thai Fine Art Gallery - (

Art Bangkok - (

44 Arts Thailand - (

Queen Gallery - (

Tadu Gallery - (

Thai Art Project - (

Neilson Hays Library Rotunda Art Gallery - (

Bangkok Artgazine - (

Art Cafe Thailand - (

Asia Art Mart - (

Folk Art Thailand - (

ERA Art Portal Thailand - (

Akko Art Gallery Bangkok Thailand - (

Art at Play Gallery in Bangkok's Silom District - (

H Gallery Bangkok Thailand - (

Liams Gallery - (

Kexin Art Gallery Bangkok Thailand - (

La Luna Gallery Bangkok Thailand - (

Somjai Reiss Gallery Bangkok - (

Tang Gallery Bangkok: Contemporary Art from China - (

Thavibu Gallery Bangkok Thailand - ( English Language Web Magazine Featuring Trends in Thai Art and Design - ( Contemporary Thai and Asian Art Info - (

Art Magazine Links from - (

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Thailand Literature, Art & Culture Scene Links & Blogs

Bangkok Inside Out by Daniel Ziv and Guy Sharett from Equinox Publishing

(Bangkok Inside Out is a very perceptive and witty look at the trendy modern side of Bangkok in all its funky glory)
Christopher G. Moore Bangkok Fiction Website (THE RISK OF INFIDELITY INDEX, PATTAYA 24/7, MINOR WIFE, CUT OUT)
Vincent Calvino, Christopher Moore's Bangkok Expat Private Eye Website a lively satirical take on the Thai political and cultural scene - A lively upmarket guide to contemporary Bangkok and Thailand - (
Thai Blogs - A good starting point for overview on modern Bangkok's eclectic nature and links to other Thailand blogs
Asia Times Southeast Asia Section - Timely, up-to-date, insightful look at contemporary goings on in SE Asia
Asia Sentinel Thailand Section - Astute analysis of politics and cultural and power in modern Thailand
Wise Kwai's Thai Film Blog - A lively discussion of the latest Thai films - ( - Kevin Cumming's perceptive, witty, ironic, riffs on cultural miscomprehension in Bangkok Trendy Webzine Guide to Bangkok Art, Music, Culture Scene
www.ThaiPoppers.Com: Weekly Guide to Bangkok Pop Music Scene

James Eckhardt, Author of BANGKOK PEOPLE

Roger Beaumont, Author of humorous books about Thailand
Stephen Leather (author Bangkok Noir novels PRIVATE DANCER & COLD KILL) - (
Jake Needham (Bangkok Noir author - THE BIG MANGO, THE AMBASSADOR'S WIFE, KILLING PLATO) - (
John Burdett (Bangkok Noir author of BANGKOK 8, BANGKOK TATTOO, BANGKOK HAUNTS) - (
Carl Parkes FriskoDude Blog (lively take on modern times in Southeast Asia) - (
Kent Kruhoeffer Master List of Thailand & Southeast Asia Links - (
Thai Literature in Translation Website - (
Asia Books Online Bookstore for Thailand Related Books and Authors - (
DCO Thai Online Bookstore for Thailand Related Books and Authors - (
Bangkok Post, an entertaining English Language Newspaper in Bangkok - (
The Nation, the other entertaining English Language Newspaper in Bangkok - (
Siam Sentinel - Satirical and ironic riffs on what's new in Bangkok - (
Bangkok Pundit - Well-informed and nuanced take on contemporary Thailand - (
Marwaan Macan-Markar Inter Press Services Writings on Thailand and SE Asia - Insightful, penetrating, hard-hitting analysis on Modern Thailand
Thailand Jumped the Shark - Astute and very edgy analysis of the Thai scene - (
New Mandala - A little bit scholarly but very informed take on modern Thailand - (
AARA - (
Bangkok2's Blog - (
Bangkok Noir Blog - (
AboutTV Thai Art Channel - (
art4d Blog - (
diacritic Blog on Vietnam and Southeast Asia art scene - (
Beauty Suit Blog - ( & - Ironic and witty cultural collision take on contemporary Thailand and Asia
OnOpen - (
Speechless in Bangkok Blog - (
BKK to the Future Blog - (
The Bob Boonhod Blog - (
Platform BKK - (
Thailand Voice: The Best Blogs from Thailand - A site linkng to many blogs about Thailand - (
The Land News Blog - (
Som's Other World Blog - (
Angkrit's Blog - (
Pated Blog - (

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World Art Museum Links

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Asia Art Gallery Links

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Art Magazine Links

Monday, July 09, 2007

World Art Galleries Links

Sunday, July 08, 2007

General Art Resources Links

Sotheby's Art Auction House Website

Christie's Art Auction House Website


ArtNet.Com Resource

Artres.Com Website





ArtSceneCal.Com Resource

Art Facts.Net Resouce

Art History Resources on the Web: Art Links by Christopher Witcombe, Directory of Artists, Art Movements, Art Info, Art Supplies

Arts5.Com Art Links and Resources Site

Hennessey & Ingalls Art Bookstore - The Exceptional Art, Design & Architecture Bookstore in Santa Monica, California Urban Art Site

Worlds of Art

Art Schools and Art Colleges Links from Saatchi Gallery

Gallery Worldwide Art Rsources and Links

Art Resources Links from

Art Resouces Directory

Art-Show.Com Art Links Site

Links to UK and Europe Art Related Publications and Media

YourArt.Com Artists Links Site - 3.2 Million Art Auction Results of 290,000 Artists and Other Info

Orientations.Com - A Great Collection of Links to Asian Art Sites

Avisen-Avk.Com Artists Site

Taschen Art Book Publishers

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Other Blogs & Websites of Interest

Artist Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory